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25 February 2020

In a recent article "An oscillatory plug flow photoreactor facilitates semi-heterogeneous dual nickel/carbon nitride photocatalytic C–N couplings" by the Kappe group, it was demonstrated that the HANUTM reactors can efficiently be used to perform scalable flow experiments with heterogeneous catalysts. Open access article

07 November 2019

The article in Specialty Chemicals Magazine (November 2019) describes how the HANU reactors are pushing the boundaries of flow chemistry in terms of scalability, customization and specific chemistries. PDF version

18 January 2019

The first application notes demonstrating the HANU-reactor’s potential for photochemically generating kilogram amounts of product are now available on the applications page.

02 January 2019

Creaflow has launched an upgraded version of the HANU-reactor featuring an integrated heat exchanger.

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