Creaflow distributes and services reactors from the HANU-series. These innovative reactors integrate numerous advantages as compared to the current state-of-the-art: a high mixing capacity no matter the flow rate, a transparent reactor window that allows irradiation for photochemistry or visual inspection and, above all, scalability by simply widening the process channel. This goes without compromising energy or mass transfer while maintaining a narrow residence time distribution. The brochure of the HANU-reactor can be found here.


HANU-reactors are sold as fully operational units comprising a reactor block (see options below) and lid, bolts and washers, reactor window (see options below), protective sheets, gaskets and pulsator.


Available reactor blocks:


HANU-15-316L-CUB reactor block with internal volume of 15 ml, made of stainless steel 316L and with cubic static mixing elements
HANU-15-C22-CUB reactor block with internal volume of 15 ml, made of Hastelloy® C22 and with cubic static mixing elements


Available materials for the transparent reactor window:


Borosilicate (cut off at 325 nm)
Quartz (cut off at 200 nm)


A thermostatting unit and a set of lamps with different emitting spectra, adapted to the HANU design, will be available soon. 


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