Ultimate Control over Mass Transfer

The Dual Pulse Technology (i.e., flow and voltage pulsation) is unprecedented and unlocks breakthrough applications in the field of organic electrochemistry. On-demand control over mass transfer and unrivaled productivity rates (up to 4-fold) are now within reach.

Long Residence Time Reactions

Built to the COSTA™ technology, the mixing intensity within the process channel can be decoupled from the net flow rate. As a result, electrochemical reactions that require extended residence times (up to the one-hour range), can be run in a continuous one-pass operation with no need for recirculation, while ensuring excellent control over mass transport from/to the electrode surface.

Demanding multi-phase processes

Scale-up can be applied for demanding multi-phase electrochemical processes, as it guarantees the successful handling of solid particles in suspension and gas evolution at the electrode surface, at any flow rate.

Multiple Cell Configurations

Equipped with best-in-class 3D-structured electrode inlays (E-Inlays), the FAVO™ Flow Reactor demonstrates a modular, yet robust, technology platform for your electrochemical process. Ultimate flexibility is offered via various undivided & divided cell configuration possibilities.

Wide Temperature & Pressure Range

Going beyond the state of the art, unrivaled operating temperatures (i.e., -20 to 150 °C) and pressure rating (i.e., up to 25 barg)