The HANU™ HX Flow Reactor series offers all the same characteristics and is equipped with an integrated heat exchanger to run your chemistry at complete isothermal conditions (-20 to 80°C).

HANU™ HX 15 Flow Reactors

Based on the COSTA™ technology, Creaflow introduces the HANU™ HX 15 Flow Reactors. As a step up from the HANU™ 15 Flow Reactors, these reactors are equipped with an integrated heat exchanger which allows you to operate your (photo)chemical process at complete iso-thermal conditions ranging from -20 to +80°C, and pressure (10 barg) ranges that are typically used for photochemical reactions.

The heat is effectively dissipated through-metal via an internal fluid heat transfer system located in close proximity of the surface of the process channel. The excellent temperature management of the system tackles a crucial scale-up process parameter which is often overlooked during the R&D discovery phase, as excessive heat is irradiated (i.e. infrared) from the light source into the reactor.