HANU™ 2X 5 PRO Flow Reactor (v2.2)

The HANU™ 2X 5 PRO Flow Reactor is the more advanced model of the series, offering extended process capabilities.


As a step up from the HANU™ 2X 5 Flow Reactors, the HANU™ 2X 5 PRO model is made of highly corrosion-resistant Hastelloy C276 material. Included in the reactor base are temperature probes sockets which allow you to monitor in real-time the inlet and outlet temperatures. Additionally, the operating pressure range is increased significantly up to 25 bar. Modularity increases as the large transparent window can be exchanged with quartz glass in order to run your UV photochemistry, and interchangeable process inlays are available in a wide range of materials and static mixing element patterns to best suit your process requirements.

User Applications:

Laboratory R&D phase
UV & VIS photochemistry
Hard-to-flow multi-phase processes (e.g. slurry-based)
Continuous processes requiring longer residence times (type B & C reactions, up to hour range!)
Compatible with highly corrosive media
High-pressure application (up to 25 bar)


Art. No. S10029
Version v2.2
Internal Volume 5 mL
Temp. Range -20 to 150 °C
Pressure Rating 25 bar
Heat Exchanger Heat transfer fluid system
Wetted Parts Hastelloy C276, PTFE, FFKM, FEP
Transparent Window Borosilicate
Inlay Pattern Cubic 2x2
Max. Particle Size 100-200 µm
Inlay/Ports Exchangeable (inlay only)
Process Connections 1/8” NPT Female (adaptors available)
Large Bore Tubing Compatible
Temp. Probe Sockets In- & Oulet
Throughput 0.1 - 35 mL/min (mg/h to g/d)
Outer dimensions 25 x 9 x 7 cm (L x W x H)