May 2018 | Foundation

Creaflow B.V. was founded as a spin-off from Ecosynth. Its flagship product the HANU™ Flow Reactor originated from a research collaboration between Ecosynth and Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services. Creaflow's mission is to provide innovative and scalable flow reactors in order to address unmet needs for customers in the pharmaceutical industry, life science and specialty chemicals industry.

Oct 2018 | HANU™ HX 15 Flow Reactor

Based on the COSTA™ technology, Creaflow introduces the HANU™ HX 15 Flow Reactor series. As a step up from the HANU™ 15 Flow Reactor, these reactors are equipped with an integrated heat exchanger which allows you to operate your (photo)chemical process at complete iso-thermal conditions ranging from -20 to +80°C, and pressure (10 barg) ranges that are typically used for photochemical reactions.

Mar 2019 | HANU™ HX 150 Flow Reactor

Creaflow has successfully installed the pilot-scale HANU™ HX 150 Flow Reactor at the premises of Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services in Wetteren, Belgium. This unit enables the scale-up of (photo)chemical processes that were developed and optimized in the lab-scale HANU™ HX 15 Flow Reactor. Full implementation of the pilot reactor in a cGMP environment is foreseen in early 2021.

Oct 2019 | CC FLOW Consortium

Creaflow is endorsed as associate partner in the CC FLOW Consortium offering scalable reactor solutions to enable the continuous manufacturing of APIs.

May 2020 | Antwerp Office

Creaflow has opened its second office in the BlueChem building at the business park Blue Gate Antwerp (Belgium), located at the heart of one of the largest chemical clusters in the world. BlueChem the first incubator in Belgium that focuses specifically on innovation and entrepreneurship in sustainable chemistry.

Jul 2020 | Peschl Ultraviolet

Creaflow has entered into a strategic collaboration agreement with Peschl Ultraviolet, a German manufacturer and developer of innovative UV solutions for applications in industry, medicine, environmental technology and research. In this collaboration, Creaflow combines its expertise in innovative reactor design based on the COSTA technology with Peschl’s expertise in irradiation sources in order to bring a range of flow photoreactors from lab to industrial scale to the market.

Jun 2021 | HANU™ 2X Flow Reactors

As of June 15th, 2021, the 2nd generation of HANU™ flow reactors is introduced. The HANU™ 2X flow reactors push the parameter boundaries further by expanded temperature and pressure capabilities. Also, a downsized version, the HANU™ 2X 5 flow reactor (5mL internal volume), has been released which allows you to introduce the technology at the laboratory R&D phase. Highlighted is the brand-new interchangeable process inlay design which allows unprecedented flexibility, modularity, and controllability.