HANU™ 2X 15 Flow Reactor

The HANU™ 2X 15 Flow Reactor is your choice for upscaling your (photo)chemistry to the process development stage.

HANU™ 2X 15

Having an internal volume of 15mL, the HANU™ 2X 15 Flow Reactor is your choice when transferring your (photo)chemistry to the process development phase. This reactor is capable of producing g/h to kg/d quantities.

User Applications:

Process development phase
UV & VIS photochemistry
Hard-to-flow multi-phase processes (e.g. slurry-based)
Continuous processes requiring longer residence times (type B & C reactions, up to hour range!)
Compatible with highly corrosive media
High-pressure application (up to 25 bar)

Available Reactor Assemblies:

Assembly HANU™ 2X 15 HANU™ 2X 15 PRO
Art. No. S10140 S10108
Version v2.0 v2.0
Internal Volume 15 mL 15 mL
Temp. Range -20 to 150 °C -20 to 150 °C
Pressure Rating 16 barg 25 barg
Heat Exchanger Heat transfer fluid system Heat transfer fluid system
Wetted Parts stainless steel 316L (inlay), PEEK (in/outlet ports), PTFE, FFKM, FEP Hastelloy C276 (inlay & in/outlet ports), PTFE, FFKM, FEP
Transparent Window Borosilicate Borosilicate
Inlay Pattern Cubic 2x2 Cubic 2x2
Max. Particle Size 200 µm 200 µm
Inlay/Ports Exchangeable Exchangeable
Process Connections UNF ¼-28 Female 1/8” NPT Female (UNF adaptors available)
Large Bore Tubing - Compatible
Temp. Probe Sockets - In- & Outlet
Throughput 0.25 - 100 mL/min (g/h to kg/d) 0.25 - 100 mL/min (g/h to kg/d)
Outer Dimensions 56 x 9 x 7 cm (L x W x H) 56 x 9 x 7 cm (L x W x H)
Pulsator Specifications:
Freq. Range 0 - 3 Hz 0 - 3 Hz
Volume Displacement 0.44mL @ 100% ampl. stroke 0.44mL @ 100% ampl. stroke
Wetted Parts PTFE, carbon-filled PTFE Hastelloy C276, PTFE
Connections UNF ¼-28 Female 1/8" NPT Female (UNF adaptors available)

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