HANU™ PX 9 Parallel Photoreactor

A newcomer in the product portfolio is the HANU™ PX 9 Parallel Photoreactor.

HANU™ PX 9 Parallel Photoreactor

Unique in its kind, this multi-vial screening device allows optimizing your photochemistry at the earliest R&D phase. And thanks to the excellent process control and unique stirrerless mixing technology (mimicking the oscillatory mixing), this platform offers unmatched reproducibility and allows seamless translation of your batch photochemistry to the HANU™ Flow Reactors. Offering the fastest route conceivable to a scalable continuous-flow protocol.

Uniques Features:

Up to 9 vials in parallel (fill volume: 0.5 – 8 mL)
Unique stirrerless mixing technology
Designed to handle demanding reactions (e.g. slurries)
Seamless translation to HANU™ Flow Reactors
Complete temperature control (-20 up to 80°C) via heat transfer fluid system
Interchangeable irradiation modules (multi & single-colour cassettes)
On-demand irradiation intensity for each separate vial

The HANU™ PX 9 Parallel Photoreactor will be released to the market by June 2022. Get your pre-order now!