LED Technology

High-power LED system for visible light Photochemistry

NovaLight HLED100

The NovaLight HLED systems include high-power water-cooled LED arrays that can be exchanged via a plug-and-play method. Nine different LED arrays are available covering the range from UVA to the visible light spectrum (365-625 nm). The LED modules are designed for direct implementation in a cGMP environment, as they are built ATEX certification-ready.

Key features

Water-cooled systems
Interchangeable irradiation source modules
Tunable intensity
ATEX certification available

Available wavelengths (nm)

High power LED array: 365 / 385 / 395 / 405 / 420 / 460 / 525 / 592 / 625

To request a quotation for an MPDS system with integrated HANU™ Flow Reactor, please contact our photoreactor sales agent Karl Brieden (info@karl-brieden.com).

For more information, visit the website of our strategic partner Peschl Ultraviolet.