MPDS® EVO photoLAB HANU™ 2X 15 Flow Photoreactor

The MPDS® EVO photoLAB HANU™ 2X 15 Flow Photoreactor is an automated process development system for qualified investigation of photochemical reactions with the aim of up-scaling new processes or optimizing existing reactions with the HANU™ Flow Reactor.


MPDS which stands for „Modular Photochemical Development System“ describes the modular system as standard for photochemical experiments in the lab. Together with our strategic partner Peschl Ultraviolet, a series of MPDS systems are developed with the HANU™ Flow reactors in order to provide modular photoreactor systems for laboratory feasibility to automated turnkey solutions for your process development.

Specifications of irradiation source:

Name novaLIGHT HLED 100 (MK2)
Design Slide-out tray system
Lamp Type High power LED arrays (exchangeable)
Lamp Exchange Carrier system for fast wavelength exchange
Available wavelengths 365 / 385 / 395 / 405 / 420 / 460 / 525/ 592 / 625 nm
Dimmable 10 - 100%
Cooling Integrated heat exchanger (liquid-cooled)
Tmax. Protective shut down 75°C
Service Life LEDs 10.000 hours
Power Consumption 100 W
Protection Low protective voltage <50 V

Request a Quotation

To request a quotation for an MPDS® BASIC photoLAB HANU™ 2X 15 Flow Photoreactor, please contact Ansgar Brieden (Peschl's photoreactor sales agent):

For more information, visit the website of our strategic partner Peschl Ultraviolet & Brieden GmbH.