Add Potential to your Chemistry!

06/05/2022 - 17:18

Creaflow introduces the brand-new FAVO™ 5 Flow Reactor, high-performance process technology that enables electrochemistry beyond the state of the art.

Add Potential to you Chemistry!

Built on the game-changing COSTA™ Technology, on-demand control over mass transfer and unrivaled productivity rates (up to 4-fold) are now within reach. The dual-pulse mode operation (i.e., flow and voltage pulsation) is unprecedented and unlocks breakthrough applications in the field of organic electrochemistry. The interchangeable Electrode Inlay (E-Inlay) technology reveals a modular, yet robust, reactor platform with ultimate adaptability, while unmatched temperature/pressure rating (i.e., -20 to 150 °C and up to 25 barg) is secured.

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