"Innovative photoreactor offers growth opportunities for flow chemistry" in NPT Process Technology

17/02/2021 - 14:56

COSTA™ Technology in HANU™ reactor enables industrial upscaling.

"Innovatieve fotoreactor biedt groeikansen voor flowchemie" in NPT Procestechnologie

As a subsidiary of Ecosynth, Creaflow moved into the brand new building of BlueChem, the sustainable chemical incubator that supports start-ups and scale-ups in their route to upscaling. With the development of their innovative photochemical HANUTM flow reactor, Creaflow enables the production of new molecules on a larger scale, thus putting an end to the limitations of classical photoreactors. Koen Van Aken (CEO) and Hannes Gemoets (Head of R&D) talk enthusiastically about their innovation and look ambitiously ahead towards a successful global marketing of it.

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