PILOTEC® HANU HX 150 Flow Photoreactor

PILOTEC® HANU HX 150 Flow Photoreactor

Available soon will be the PILOTEC® HANU™ HX 150 Flow Photoreactor. This pilot & commercial scale flow photoreactor unit includes the HANU™ HX 150 Flow Photoreactor in combination with an ATEX-certified high-power LED module, and represents a multi-purpose solution for cGMP manufacturing.

Scalable UV & VIS Photochemistry

  • Large transparent window (borosilicate or quartz)
  • Excellent film refreshment for optimal irradiance
  • Single-technology scale-up strategy up to multi-ton/year production

Demanding Conti-flow Processes

  • Hydrodynamics independent of net flow rate
  • Enabling long residence time reactions (via one-pass operation with no need for recirculation)
  • Performant for multi-phase reactions (e.g., slurries)
  • Multi-purpose Solution for cGMP manufacturing
  • The reactor is compliant with PED 2014/68/EU
  • ATEX certification available upon request

Assembled Unit Modularity

  • Maximum reactor flexibility via interchangeable process inlays
  • Available in different reactor materials, internal volume, shape & size of static mixing elements, etc.
  • 'open-shell' system allows straightforward cleaning and swap sampling (i.e., during cleaning validation cycles)

For more information about the PILOTEC® HANU™ HX 150 Flow Photoreactor, please contact Ansgar Brieden (Peschl's photoreactor sales agent):


For more information, visit the website of our strategic partner Peschl Ultraviolet & Brieden GmbH.